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Plan your educational goals with these upcoming continuing education events and learning opportunities

How do you keep a pulse on the latest animal health care science to both elevate your skill set and meet your state license requirements for continuing education? Do you have a process in place for achieving your learning milestones? Whether you read case-based research, watch the latest procedure techniques, attend conference lectures, or engage virtually, you should have a plan!

Here are 3 keys to unlocking your learning potential. 1. Choose quality vs quantity. Your learning efforts should be from the most widely known, and most credible experts within the veterinary profession. 2. Consider the frequency and cadence. Learning long-term requires continuous efforts so having healthy habits at a steady pace is both realistic and achievable. 3. Mix it up! Seek educational opportunities from multiple channels, such as articles, lectures, podcasts, videos, etc. This will engage your brain power in multi-modal learning, which reinforces comprehension.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled our upcoming CE opportunities and learning events for July, and remember, learners can register for an account at dvm360 Flex™ to access CE credits, on-demand webinars, and CE articles.

Live Webinars

Register for these upcoming live webinars and save the date on your calendar. Can’t make these dates? All our webinars are accessible on-demand within a week after the live event.

Canine Otitis Externa: Causes, Diagnostic Approach and Management

This course will help veterinarians identify the underlying factors leading to otitis externa in canine patients and provide guidance for diagnosing and managing these patients.

  • Specialty: General Medicine
  • Faculty: Endya High DVM, DACVD
  • When: July 14, 2022 at 7:00 PM EST
  • Sponsor: VCA Animal Hospitals (VCA)

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Medical Cannabis for Veterinarians

Cannabis and CBD are now available to pet owners nationwide in over half of the United States. A pet parent can pick up an edible from a dispensary and send their dog straight to the ER! However, veterinarians have been cautioned about discussing or recommending cannabis and CBD by the AVMA and most state veterinary boards.

This class will present standards for the selection of products that are safe and meet label claims for potency; discuss the safe limits of use and doses of CBD based on published safety studies in the dog and provide a logical framework for dosing based on published studies and observations by veterinarians.

  • Specialty: Integrative Medicine
  • Faculty: Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS
  • When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 7:00 PM EST
  • Sponsor: Nationwide

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On-demand Webinars

Here are our recently launched on-demand webinars:

The “Just Feed Less” Myth for Weight Management

Often veterinarians are recommending to “just feed less” to their clients suffering from obesity which can result in pet owners inappropriately reducing foods not intended for weight management, potentially causing deficient nutrient intakes, hungry pets, and ultimately failure in successfully managing the pet’s weight and body condition. Proactively identifying at-risk pets for overweight/obesity, feeding appropriate diets and amounts, monitoring our patients carefully and providing client support can help turn around the pet obesity epidemic.

  • Specialty: Nutrition
  • Faculty: Laura Gaylord, DVM, DACVN
  • Sponsor: Virbac

Access this webinar on-demand here.

Building Successful Associate Veterinarian Relationships

Whether it is a new grad or a 15-year veteran, implement these steps to grow and solidify a healthy relationship that in turn will help with a healthy bottom line. The DVM shortage is real. Attract and keep the talent you want.

  • Specialty: Practice Management
  • Faculty: Brian C. Conrad, CVPM
  • Sponsor: Vetoquinol

Access this webinar on-demand here.

CIV: What Use is a Vaccine in the Midst of an Outbreak?

Review the history of the 2 major influenza viruses of dogs as well as a presentation of the major clinical signs, including data from experimentally infected canines. Analyze feline data showing protection against feline herpesvirus 1 after 1 dose of an inactivated vaccine will be used to set the stage for the discussion of a study just completed in canines challenged with H3N2 on Day 7. Overall recommendations for managing new CIRDC outbreaks will be discussed.

  • Specialty: Internal Medicine
  • Faculty: Michael R. Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
  • Sponsor: Zoetis

Access this webinar on-demand here.

The Privileges of Being a Part of the Human-Animal Bond

There’s a special triangle formed when the veterinarian is accepted into the bond between client and pet. We explore the history that has brought us to understand this bond. It’s fun to recognize evidence of the bond, including how we name our pets, converse with our pets, feed and clothe them, and celebrate with them.

  • Specialty: General Practice
  • Faculty: Carolyn Shadle, PhD, and John Meyer, PhD
  • Sponsor: Nationwide

Access this webinar on-demand here.

How to Market Virtual Care to Your Clients

Learn how to promote virtual care to your clientele and ensure you stand out amongst the competition in the marketplace, by offering a superb client experience, that also will build strength within your VCPRs.

  • Specialty: Practice Management
  • Faculty: Sarah Machell Bsc, DVM, and Emma Harris
  • Sponsor: Vetster

Access this webinar on-demand coming soon.

Ocular Emergencies

Join us for an in-depth discussion of true ophthalmic emergencies along with identification, appropriate diagnostics, and treatment options.

  • Specialty: Ophthalmology
  • Faculty: Melissa Kubai, DVM, MS, DACVO
  • Sponsor: Sentrx

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Cut it Out, Principles of Surgical Oncology

Not only will you be able to examine and decipher the principles of surgical oncology, we will also take a deeper dive into how the principles relate to surgical approaches for tumors and how surgical oncology principles can be utilized in your general practice.

  • Specialty: Oncology
  • Faculty: Sarah Sayler, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, Veterinary Specialist, Oncology, Surgery
  • Sponsor: VCA

Access this webinar on-demand coming soon.

What Clients Want When They Seek Transparency in Healthcare

Understand how transparency improves conversations about logistics and scheduling; diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures, and patient health from case-based data and thematic analysis.

  • Specialty: Practice Management
  • Faculty: Ryane Englar, DVM, DABVP
  • Sponsor: Nationwide

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CE Articles

Our CE articles are great for independent learners who prefer reading study. Learners can check out the Continuing Education section within each issue of the dvm360® magazine and engage in an online exam to earn CE at dvm360 Flex. Here’s our latest issue:

Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome: The Gnawing Sensation

Feline Orofacial Pain Syndrome (FOPS) is characterized as a neuropathic pain disorder that was first reported in the 1990’s. The pathophysiology of the disease is poorly understood, however there is believed to be a genetic mutation within the Burmese breed and cross breeds. The human equivalents of this disease are Trigeminal Neuralgia and Burning Mouth Syndrome. Learn about the goals of treatment, the pathophysiology and how to improve the quality of life for patients with FOPS.

  • Specialty: Feline Medicine
  • Faculty: Karissa Severud, DVM, Small Animal Rotating Intern, and Heather Towle Millard, DVM, MS, DACVS-SA

Access this article coming soon.

Upcoming conferences

Join us August 26-28 in Kansas City, Missouri, for Fetch, a dvm360 conference! Hear from our inspiring keynotes, Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC, and Temple Grandin, PhD. Engage in The Ultimate Fetch Frenzy—a gamified CE unlike anything you’ve experienced. Choose from over 160 continuing education credits and learn from over 50 tracks of practical veterinary medicine, including companion animal, equine, exotic, and large animal sessions, and hospital design, hands-on labs, and technician CEs.

Network and unwind at our welcome reception located at Bar K, a unique, 2-acre indoor/outdoor dog and people park, that includes a restaurant, beer garden, and musical entertainment. Register early for the best rates.

The Vet Blast Podcast (Non-CE Activity)

Tune in to our 15-20 minute podcast available on most podcast channels, including, Apple, Google, and Spotify, to hear more about these trending topics for quick micro-learning moments.

  • July 5: Cathy Meeks, MS, DVM, DACVIM, Why are gastrointestinal parasites on the rise in fecal testing?
  • July 7: Pet Peace of Mind with guest Dianne McGill
  • July 12: Patient Rounds/Handoffs with guest, James Barr, Chief Medical Officer from BluePearl
  • July 14: End of Life Care with guests, Mary Gardener, DVM, and CIO, Lap of Love, and Coleen Ellis, Lap of Love
  • July 19: Personal Wellbeing with guest Amelia Knight Pinkston, DVM and Life Coach from IndeVets
  • July 21: Disney Plus TV show Pop Goes the Vet with guest Dr. Joya Griffin, DVM, DACVD of Animal Dermatology Clinic
  • July 29: Rabbit Care with guest Laila "Lyla" M. Proença MV, DVM, MS, PhD, DACZM from VetAhead

Have ideas for future continuing education opportunities or wish to educate fellow colleagues as one of our faculty? Tell us more at rlewis@mjhlifesciences.com.

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