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EquiPet introduces Canine Corta-Rx Spray that is available exclusively to veterinary hospitals.

EquiPet introduces Canine Corta-Rx Spray that is available exclusivelyto veterinary hospitals. Canine Corta-Rx Spray is a liquid joint supplementin a spray bottle. Canine Corta-Rx veterinarian-strength joint supplementis sprayed directly in the dog's mouth or on its food, the company says.Canine Corta-Rx Spray is a water-soluble formula featuring the key isolatesof chondroitin and glucosamine in proper molecular size, the company says.This assures the passage of the chondroitin isolates through cell wallsand cartilage matrix penetration, and enabling the glucosamine isolate tomore effectively enter the synovial lining, the company says. Canine Corta-RxSpray contains the chondroitin isolates: glutamic acid, glucuronic acid,proline and glycine. It also contains the glucosamine isolate of glutamine.MSM Active: Sulfur. Canine Corta-Rx is available in liver and beef flavors.The smaller molecules found in Corta-Rx may maximize efficiency of nutrientpassage through the bloodstream and into connective tissues and joint spacefueling maximum assimilation and utilization of active ingredients.

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