Its past time for telemedicine: A dvm360 Spotlight Series


While the veterinary profession mulls over how telemedicine will change practice, some doctors are going ahead and changing. Instead of looking at what the future holds for veterinary telehealth, were diving into whats happening now in this new arena of client satisfaction, relationship-building and innovative pet care.


Pet owners today want face-to-face encounters, care and education in the exam room. But who can deny many of today's pet owners also want digital messaging and video chatting capabilities when it comes to ongoing care for their pets?

Whether you dip your toe into telemedicine with client communication over a smartphone app or a full-fledged, video-packed televisit option that clients will pay for, it's time to consider how technology has transformed not just veterinary medicine, but also veterinary business.

Now, dip your toe into …

Your two paths to telehealth

What are they? Adam Little, DVM, says the paths are: 1) buy or license software so your veterinary practice can offer better telehealth services to clients, or 2) contract with an outside company to offer advice and client service when your practice is busy or closed. (Sure, there's a third-do nothing-but how long do you think that's going to last?)

3 ways your veterinary practice can get started in telemedicine

It's time to turn those late-night texts from all sorts of characters who own pets into a lucrative opportunity for your team. Here's how.

Comparison: Veterinary telemedicine and smartphone apps

These telemedicine, client marketing and loyalty program apps help veterinary practices touch base with pet owners using more than postcards.

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