Inspiration behind Ask Jan

San Diego

In an interview with dvm360® Jan Woods, cofounder of Ask Jan, shared the mission of her company and how it aims to help veterinary businesses thrive.

At the Fetch dvm360® conference in San Diego, Jan Woods, co-founder of Ask Jan, discussed her veterinary network in which businesses can ask a question that is routed to an animal health consultant with expertise in a certain field such as HR, finance, and more. The consultant then contacts you directly with an answer. In an interview, Woods described what inspired her to launch this company.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Jan Woods, co-founder of Ask Jan: Ask Jan for help was put together for a couple of reasons. No. 1, I used to own a practice, and then I also consult, and 1 of the most frequent things veterinarians have problems with is just the business of the business. Because running a business and trying to practice medicine are 2 full-time jobs, so how do you do them both efficiently, and how do you know what's the right HR law to use, how do you know how to manage your controlled substances and how do you know if that's legal and how do you know your finances are correct? It's just really hard when you're managing your practice to try and practice medicine and vice-versa.

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