Insight on imposter syndrome


During a video interview with dvm360®, Mariana A. Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACEVECC, addressed what imposture system entails, plus a few ways veterinary professionals struggling with this can escape it.

According to Mariana A. Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACEVECC, imposter syndrome is very prevalent within the female population, especially within minorities. In an interview with dvm360®, Pardo detailed a few ways to help individuals that find themselves trapped within imposter syndrome get out, starting with fostering a strong support system.

View the video below for the entire discussion. The following is a partial transcript:

Mariana A. Pardo, BVSc, MV, DACEVECC: [Imposter Syndrome] can sometimes be debilitating. So, if you find yourself in that area where you find that you can't move forward or past that imposture syndrome, what can you actually do to get out of that? To me, personally—because this might be different for everyone else—is to try to find that support system. People that really tell you and show you how far you've gone.

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