Initiative inspires urban cat owners with 'Take Your Cat to the Vet' campaign


Royal Canin partners with Uber Pet and cat advocate to promote feline wellness visits

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Royal Canin US, a division of Mars, Incorporated, has teamed up with Uber Pet and Hannah Shaw, an internet celebrity who educates others on cats, to support its annual Take Your Cat to the Vet (#Cat2Vet) campaign. It includes offering an Uber voucher for up to $10 off the first eligible 5,000 rides to the veterinarian taken via Uber Pet in 15 major US cities.1

According to HuffPost,2 in 2021, while 81.8% of dogs visited a veterinarian only 39.8% of cats did. The release1 also mentioned a survey commissioned by Royal Canin that revealed about 30% of participants did not take their cat to the veterinarian for regular visits due to inconvenience. Particularly for cat owners in the city, transportation limits can also further this inconvenience, so this is where Royal Canin came in with its initiative to make it easier to get felines to the veterinarian.

"Cats are such stoic animals that you often don't know when they are hiding an illness or injury, but it's up to us, their caregivers, to be their advocate," shared Hannah Shaw.1 "A recent medical experience with my own cat reminded me of the importance of making regular veterinary visits a priority. I'm excited to be partnering with Royal Canin again and helping cat guardians stay curious and educated about feline health and preventive care."

Shaw will offer her cat expertise by providing tips on transporting cats to the veterinarian through a social media series titled "Cat En Route" created in partnership with Royal Canin veterinarians. She will also share a checklist (Cat @ Vet) with top questions for consumers to ask their veterinarian when at the wellness check.

"We are thrilled to be part of an innovative solution with Uber Pet for urban pet owners to take their cats to the vet for an annual visit, as Royal Canin strives to create a better world for pets," added Racquel White, vice president of corporate affairs, Royal Canin North America.1 "It is also a privilege to continue our partnership with Hannah Shaw as she shares first-hand why veterinary care is so crucial for cat health."

Voucher codes can be redeemed in: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, St Louis and Washington DC. Voucher code is only valid in US cities where Uber Pet is available.1 Go here to learn more.


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