Immersion oil: Change your flow


Minimize the mess using a syringe and a tomcat catheter.

Change your oil flow

Immersion/mineral oil is messy, but we try to minimize the mess by putting the oil in a 3-cc syringe and topping the tip off with a tomcat catheter. If the oil comes out too slowly you can always cut down catheter—that way, the oil flows as fast or as slow as you want.

—Kate Eiesland, RVT

Oxford Veterinary Center

Oxford, Iowa

Save your syringe cases

We recycle the individually packaged plastic cases our syringes come in—in fact, our lab would not function without these cases. We put lab samples that are in collection tubes into the plastic cases. Add a cotton ball on top to secure, tape the lid on, and it's ready to ship. This saves us money and we get to recycle something we use every day.

—Megan Sechler

veterinary assistant, receptionist

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