Image Quiz: Pruritus and lethargy in a Border collie Answer C (Sponsored by Dechra)


Answer C


Widespread calcinosis cutis has been reported in association with iatrogenic or naturally occurring hyperadrenocorticism. Histologically, the calcium salts are deposited along collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. This deposition can result in a localized foreign body reaction in which the immune system attempts to wall off the area with the formation of a granuloma. Blood calcium and phosphorus concentrations are almost always normal, and correcting the underlying hyperadrenocorticism typically results in resolution of the lesions within two to 12 months. Rudy was treated with 90 mg of trilostane (Vetoryl—Dechra) daily. Within 45 days, he was no longer lethargic and was able to hold himself upright on slick surfaces. Within 60 days he had resumed his normal walks with his owners.

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