Image Quiz: The outcome of a food fight


Look at the cytologic slides and discern the cause of a rottweiler's masseter muscle mass.

A 9-year-old male rottweiler was presented for evaluation of a large soft mass over the masseter muscle area. The owner reported that the mass developed a few days after this dog got into a serious fight with another dog over some food. Squash preparations were made of some aspirated material. These smears were air-dried and stained with Giemsa. Representative fields are shown at 100X.

What's the most likely diagnosis in this case?

a) Mycotic infection-suspect Aspergillus species infection

b) Bacterial infection-suspect Streptococcus species infection

c) Mesenchymal tumor-suspect hemangiosarcoma

d) Mixed inflammation-suspect a foreign body reaction

e) Infection with filamentous rods-suspect Actinomyces species infection

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