IGNITE launches new CSRs training program to save time and revamp customer service


CEO and founder Dr Jill Clark highlights how her global veterinary learning company’s latest certification training program for CSRs can help expand front desk services, save time, bolster client relations and more.

One way to make your veterinary clinic stand out from the crowd, according to Jill Clark, DVM, CEO and founder of IGNITE Veterinary Solutions, LLC, is to enhance the client experience.

In a recent interview with dvm360®, Clark discussed IGNITE’s upcoming launch of the Veterinary Receptionist Certificate of Excellence (VRCE) program, a brand-new veterinary industry certification for customer service representatives (CSRs) operating in veterinary clinics. Clark highlights the initial spark behind this program, how it will benefit practices, and more.

“[The VRCE] is specifically aimed at general practices and is [comprised of] 32 courses that are all about an hour [to] an hour and a half apiece, but over 40 hours of learning. It has checklists, scripts on how to communicate with your clients on different topics, documents, a 50-page workbook for [professoinals] to fill out that really helps the CSRs—our front desk teams—to customize it into their particular practice experience,” Clark tells dvm360 staff.

She also touched on how practice managers and owners are often busy and usually don't have enough time in their day-to-day to effectively train CSRs. Clark elucidates how the VRCE can help mitigate this and give time back to both managers and owners while ensuring the front-desk staff is efficiently educated.

“I just really think it’s going to give the average general practice a way to enroll their folks in a program and have that program go on without them having to be the teacher and without them having to come up with the time or knowledge to set aside to do that,” says Clark.

Watch the full video below to learn more about Clark’s comprehensive training program, plus the benefits of a fully trained front desk staff.

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