If I could change one thing about veterinary medicine in the future

September 16, 2016

What invention would make your life easier in practice? An informal poll.

We asked attendees at CVC Kansas City to tell us what they hope the future brings in terms of making practice life easier. From the fantastical (suspended animation!) to the practical (voice-activated charting!), see what your peers wish below.

DVMs wish:

“I want an automatic anal gland expression machine.”

“I wish they'd deregulate controlled drug reporting to the pharmaceutical board. Each prescription has to be reported.”

“I'd like a voice-activated transcription system for charting.”

“Suspended animation for homeless pets so they don't have to be put down.”

Technicians wish:

“Something that would distract the pet on its own so you don't need three people in the exam: one to hold the pet, one to give the pet spray cheese, one to treat the pet.”

“An automated treat dispenser.”

“A cut-less spay and neuter machine.”

“The ability to perform a cystocyntesis instead of having to track the doctor down to do it. Our state association doesn't allow technicians to perform them.”

What invention would you like to see or regulation changed? Let us know at ve@ubm.com

Illustrations by Alison Fulton.