IDEXX Laboratories launch new Urine P:C Ratio for VetTest


Westbrook, Maine—IDEXX Laboratories Inc.

Westbrook, Maine—IDEXX Laboratories Inc. announces the launch of a new testing capability for the VetTest chemistry analyzer that will allow veterinarians to obtain a urine-protein to urine-creatinine ratio in-house.

The new IDEXX Urine P:C Ratio consists of a urine protein slide and a urine creatinine slide, which are new slide-testing capabilities for the VetTest analyzer.

The IDEXX VetTest Chemistry Analyzer, which uses dry-slide technology, is the veterinary industry standard for the test menu breadth and flexibility, the company says. The IDEXX Urine P:C Ratio is the first fully quantitative in-house diagnostic test for the assessment of proteinuria in the dog and cat.

"With appropriate use, the IDEXX Urine P:C Ratio gives the practitioner an in-house quantitative diagnostic test to assess urinary protein loss, and better evaluate, monitor and treat renal disease," says Michelle Kahn, MS, DVM of IDEXX Laboratories.

The urine protein and urine creatinine slides join the existing 21 individual chemistries on the VetTest menu, bringing the number of available tests to 23.

The IDEXX VetTest is the only in-house chemistry analyzer capable of evaluating urine samples, the company says. In a few minutes, the IDEXX Urine P:C Ratio allows veterinarians to quantify proteinuria for earlier diagnosis and detection of renal disease. Because the product is fully quantitative, the Urine Protein Creatinine (UPC) to monitor may be used to evaluate kidney disease treatment.

The test gives veterinarians the ability to alter the course of renal disease and possibly add years to the lives of patients. The new test ratio is fast and inexpensive to run on the IDEXX VetTest Chemistry Analyzer, the company adds.The product will be available this month.

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