IA MED releases 2 specialty CEU courses for first responders


One focuses on ventilator management while other addresses K9 emergency care

Photo courtesy of IA MED.

Photo courtesy of IA MED.

IA MED, part of KnowFully Learning Group's Healthcare Education Direct division, has unveiled 2 new online continuing education unit (CEU) courses—Basic Ventilator Management and K9 Emergency Care—designed for law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and emergency care professionals. The first course educates on foundational ventilator concepts, while the other explains how to administer emergency medical care to operational K9s.

Basic Ventilator Management is all-online and self-paced and it discusses lung dynamics, the pathophysiology of ventilator settings and modes, and troubleshooting alarms. It helps improve students’ understanding of the mechanics of a life-saving ventilator and the purpose of managing critical care patients. The course is designed for students of all levels, and the instructor overviews various real-world scenarios with commonly used ventilators.

K9 Emergency Care is the first course specially created for those who work closely with operational K9s, which includes EMTs, paramedics, search and rescue teams, law enforcement, K9 handlers, and firefighters. Operational K9s are an elite subset of working dogs trained to work in high-threat or tactical environments that often put them in the way of life-threatening harm.

"Emergency professionals who work alongside dogs understand that they are integral members of the team whose value is immeasurable. They are our partners," expressed Amy Burmeister, executive vice president of Healthcare Education Direct for KnowFully Learning Group, in the release. "We're thrilled to equip our learners with the knowledge they need in the event of accident, to take care of their animals in the same way they would a person."1

The course details basic and advanced emergency care for operational K9s, including K9 anatomy, performing assessments, possible emergencies, treatment guidelines specific to K9s, and beyond. Students will be empowered to comfortably care for or assess an operational K9 in distress at the end of the 5-module, 8-hour online course. IA MED also offers an in-person, on-site option for agencies located in the US. The same content and skills training will be presented.

Basic Ventilator Management is worth 2.5 CEU credits and K9 Emergency Care is worth 8 CEU credits.


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