"I dunno" isn't an answer


Stop scrambling to find obscure objects.

"There's nothing more frustrating to doctors than when they ask team members for something-an instrument, a drug, a handout-and the employees don't know where it is," says Donna Bauman, CVPM, practice manager at Ottawa Animal Hospital in Holland, Mich. "Of course, one person knows where to find it. But he or she is normally out that day."

To avoid this, Bauman compiled a list of hard-to-locate items and held a scavenger hunt. (Click here for a sample list.) When team members found an item, they'd rush to place it on the front desk where they could grab a goody-candy, pen, inexpensive gifts-and then continue playing.

"When all of the items on the list were found, we walked together around the practice and put things back to ensure everyone knew where the items lived-and what they were called and used for."

Bauman says since holding the scavenger hunt, doctors are happier and the patients receive better care because the staff doesn't waste time looking for objects.

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