How teletriage can improve efficiency and access to care


As telemedicine and virtual care become a bigger part of veterinary medicine, teletriage can play a role in alleviating staff shortages and streamlining efficiency

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Can telemedicine and virtual care play a role in alleviating the veterinary staff shortage and improve access to care? Shadi J. Ireifej, DVM, DACVS joins this episode of The Vet Blast Podcast to talk about his work at VetTriage doing teletriage.

Below is a partial transcript. Listen to the full podcast for more.

Shadi J. Ireifej: If you can figure out what your lane is and...disperse the cases that are sort of outside of your realm right away, you're going to decrease the burden on your staff. But those cases that you're now turning away have to go somewhere, right? So if you're a [general practitioner] and you have critical cases, you want to send [them] to the emergency room. If they have fairly straightforward cases, they want to send them to the general practitioner. That's where we begin virtual care. What that'll allow for is playing traffic controller. They can actually figure out where who goes where and when.

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