How to perform an anal sacculectomy


Dr. Matthew Keats provides a step-by-step demonstration of this procedure.

In this video, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Matthew Keats, DVM, DACVS, demonstrates how to perform an anal sacculectomy in a dog. He points out that there are several reasons for performing this procedure, including:

  • Anal sac tumors

  • Chronic anal sacculitis

  • Recurrent anal sacculitis

  • Anal sac abscesses

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Dr. Paul Bloom discusses anal sacculitis refractory to standard treatment.

Experts take on anal sac adenocarcinoma.

Prior to the procedure, Dr. Keats provides advice on identifying the sac's margins and orientation and offers this guidance:

"Bilateral one-stage anal sacculectomy can safely be performed," says Dr. Keats. "However, if the veterinarian is uncomfortable, it is also acceptable to perform it in two separate procedures."

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