How to hit heartworms hard


From diagnostics to treatment to the dangers of pet travel, get the latest on heartworm issues for veterinary teams and clients right here.

Veterinarians and veterinary organizations, like the Companion Animal Parasite Council, have been warning about the spread of heartworms in new regions and previously unbothered pets all over the country. Here are a few recent dvm360 resources, written by Natalie Stilwell, DVM, MS, PhD, to get you and your entire veterinary team up to speed on current protocols and more about this mosquito-carried menace: 


Avoid turmoil when testing for heartworm disease

Heartworm disease is accompanied by few, if any, clinical signs, so proper diagnostic testing is a must. Here's the 411 on which tests to use (and why), including the best tests for cats.


What you don't know about heartworm treatment

You've got the fundamentals down, with a good grasp of the diagnostics, but treatment can be tricky. Here are the tactics recommended by experts, plus less extensive and less expensive alternatives.


Get a handle on heartworm disease

Having a solid understanding of the heartworm life cycle-and the damage this disease can do-is the first step in getting clients on the right track with treatment.


Heartworm hotspots: When pet travel is the trouble

Heartworm disease is affecting more dogs and cats in more parts of the country than ever, in part due to the long-distance transport of shelter animals. Here's what your clients need to know.

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