How to have seamless vaccine changes


How to talk to clients about changes in vaccination protocols.

Changing the status quo can be daunting, says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council, a nonprofit coalition to celebrate cats and improve their health and welfare. First, make sure team members understand the reasons for the changes—that they're based on science and endorsed by leading animal health organizations. Next, make sure employees and clients know that vaccines are just one part of keeping pets healthy. Regular exams at least once a year—if not more often—set a foundation for identifying common health problems such as oral disease, arthritis, kidney disease, and diabetes.

Dr. Jane Brunt

Once team members understand why you're changing the protocols, they can work with you to celebrate healthy pets and map out a plan for regular wellness visits—with or without vaccines. Finally, here's a key strategy: Link your wellness plans to your reminder system and have front office employees schedule each client's next visit before he or she leaves. This maintains a continuous line of communication.

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