How to attract millennial veterinary associates

August 24, 2019
Eva Evans, DVM, MBA, CVMA

Eva Evans, DVM, MBA, CVMA, is the owner of a small animal practice in Nashville, Tennessee, focusing on combining gold standard medicine with five star client experience.

Do millennial veterinary associates have the same needs as any other associate you've hired in the past? Well, yes and no says Dr. Eva Evans.

Whether you're hiring millennials or you are one, you're probably thoroughly exhausted with the arguments surrounding the generational divide. So let's skip right past all that and instead focus on what a practice can do to help attract millennial veterinary associates and what those associates want.

Eva Evans, DVM, MBA, CVMA, who herself is a millennial and a practice owner, says that first off, you really need to focus on things that make your practice attractive to everyone. “We really want the same things all generations want, which is the ability to grow, support for professional development,” she says. (A big part of this? Mentoring your associates.)

Some key differences? Flexibility, says Dr. Evans. Time off is important, maybe even more so than higher pay. You'll also want to make sure your practice has invested in new veterinary technology and equipment (think cold laser and underwater treadmills).

Watch the video below for more insight from Dr. Evans, shot at Fetch dvm360 conference in Kansas City, Missouri, on making your millennial associates happy.