Hourly workers are happier


Clocking in and out helps you see the value of your time.

Snag a salaried job at your veterinary clinic, and you might end up with a little more money, but will you be happier? A new study says maybe not.

Researchers at the University of Toronto and Stanford University found that the way employees are paid is tied to their feelings of happiness. Those paid by the hour reported more feelings of contentment than those pulling a steady salary.

Why? The researchers guess that those hourly wage earners focus more attention on the value of their time as reflected in their paychecks. Seeing that black-and-white reminder of what they're worth feels pretty good.

So the next time you envy your salaried coworkers, think again. That regular pay may not be all it's cracked up to be. If, however, your hourly wages aren't priming your self-esteem pump, it may be time to seek greener pastures.

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