At-home diabetic monitoring: How much should you charge?


Drs. David Bruyette and Karen Felsted face off on how to charge-or not charge-clients for consultations.

At-home blood glucose monitoring of pets has become a valuable tool clinically, often generating a more accurate picture of how a pet is doing than when curves are performed in the clinic. Inspired by their Learn then Earn session at the CVC, veterinary endocrinologist Dr. David Bruyette and financial consultant Dr. Karen Felsted have a frank talk about the best way to charge-or not charge-clients for consultations while they're performing at-home monitoring for their diabetic pets.

Clinical tips for clients

Click here for advice you can give owners of diabetic pets on performing at-home blood glucose monitoring and more from fellow veterinary endocrinologist Dr. Ellen Behrend.

Getting clients on board

Click here to download the client handouts “My dog has diabetes-now what?” and “My cat has diabetes-now what?”

Click here to find out how the whole veterinary team can send diabetic pets home with confidence.

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