Holiday Gifts for Every Budget


Fourteen holiday gift ideas for pets that they will love more than the boxes they came in.

If your holiday shopping list includes your pets, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 survey, 95% of pet owners buy holiday gifts for their furry friends, and it is estimated that $69.36 billion will be spent on pets in 2017. But how do you find a gift that your pet will love even more than the box it came in?

To make your shopping list a little lighter, we’ve curated a list of pet-centric gifts that cats and dogs will love and a few tech gadgets to make being a pet parent a little easier.

Regardless of budget, you can find a gift your pet will love — and many of these items are being offered at steep holiday discounts. Click through the pages to see all 14.


Pawsitive Health


The water-resistant Poof Pea tracks a pet’s activity, sleep quality, calories consumed and calories burned. Included with the Pea, which attaches to the pet’s collar with a keyring, is the corresponding app that displays all of the recorded activity. The addition of the calorie counter aids pet owners in knowing how much to feed their dogs based on the day’s activity levels.

Treat-Tossing Camera


The Furbo camera lets parents interact with pets — including tossing treats — even when they’re away from home.

Chic Security


The Whisker Box is designed to respond to the scientifically proven desire cats have for compression, which translates to a sense of calm and security. The box is flexible but firm enough to hold its form and fits cats up to 20 pounds.

Pet Pedometer


FitBark 2 is a small, bone-shaped device that can be fastened to any existing collar to track a dog’s activity and monitor rest levels. All of the collected information is sent to the company’s app, which doubles as a social network.

With the FitBark app, pet owners can compare daily insights, create activity goals, engage in challenges against other owners and sync with popular fitness trackers for humans.


Safety in Style


Poochlight is an LED safety collar that provides light distribution over the length of the collar and a viewing distance of up to half a mile. The collar is water resistant, rechargeable and uses two pairs of LED lights on each end to provide optimal pet safety for nighttime walks.

Digital Daycare


PetChatz HD is a videophone that gives pet owners with the ability to interact with cats and dogs that are home alone. PetChatz provides two-way video chats, treat-dispensing, aromatherapy, and sound and motion detection.

The PetChatz device is compatible with the company’s PawCall — an interactive gaming and calling accessory — and can stream DogTV.

Beautiful Bedding

$101 (converted from Euros)

Charley Chaur provides Euopean luxury bedding for pets all around the world, particularly dogs who love to snuggle under blankets and breeds that have a natural instinct to tunnel or burrow. The velour bed is designed like a sleeping bag with a deep-filled mattress in the base, fleece lining and attached velour blanket.


Tracking Technology

$79.95 and additional subscription plan

Engineered for Comfort


TheraCool Cooling Gel products absorb and dissipate excess body heat, providing pets with a cooling cushion for rest and rejuvenation. The cushions and pads, which don’t require water or freezing, are also marketed to ease joint and arthritic pain.

. Dinner Distributer


Picture Perfect


Pooch Selfie was created for aspiring four-legged social media stars. Pooch Selfie is an attachment that allows a pet owner to clip one of the provided Pooch Selfie squeaky balls to a smartphone, with the idea of focusing a pet’s attention toward the camera for the perfect photo.

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