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Holiday gift ideas for pets and professionals

dvm360dvm360 November 2023
Volume 54
Issue 11
Pages: 18

Here are some hot items in the pet industry to add to your holiday shopping list

Africa Studio / stock.adobe.com

Africa Studio / stock.adobe.com

Something we love just as much as our cats and dogs is the holiday season. Earlier this year, dvm360 attended an event in New York, New York, that was hosted by Chewy and showcased trending products that would make excellent gifts. So get in the spirit and check out some of the highlights, from tried-and-true festive selections to the latest and greatest innovations to bestow upon pets and fellow veterinary professionals this holiday season.

Festive gifts

Embrace the most wonderful time of the year by gifting holiday-themed items.

Pet advent calendars: Advent calendars are no longer a delight exclusively for humans. Pet owners can count down to their favorite holiday by rewarding their dog or cat with 1 delicious treat a day.

Plush toys: From gingerbread men to penguins to reindeer to Santa and even narwhals, there’s an adorable festive plush toy companion for every furry friend.

Apparel: Pets can be gifted sweaters bedazzled with snowflakes, plaid pajamas, and even rock reindeer ears or festive bandanas. And why not find a matching outfit for the pet owner as well?

Custom gifts

When you make something special for someone, it makes for a cherished gift.

Mugs: ’Tis the season for warm tea and hot chocolate. Mugs can be personalized with a picture of a pet, a cute dog dad or cat mom phrase, or the pet’s name.

Hats, bags, and socks: You can tailor these accessories to their pet as well.

Pet portraits: This offers pet owners another excuse to admire their beloved companion animal and decorate their home with a cherished gift.

Health and wellness gifts

The latest products for keeping someone’s best friend happy and healthy are always appreciated.

DNA testing kits: These kits determine the breeds of dogs and cats while also detecting genetic abnormalities. This way, veterinarians can work with clients to start preventive care early on so the pet can live a more fulfilling life.

Supplements: From joint and hip health to skin and coat to overall wellness, innovative ingredients in supplements are making a difference in pets’ health and well-being.

Orthopedic beds: Getting good rest is important for dogs and cats, too. Older, arthritic pets or those with spine and disc issues can particularly benefit from these cushiony beds, but all pets would revel in the added luxury.

Technology gifts

Keep the tech lovers in your life updated with what’s new in the pet space.

Smart collars: Depending on the collar, these next-generation tools feature a built-in GPS to keep tabs on your pet. They can even track activity levels and detect potential health issues.

Automatics: Emerging in the pet industry to simplify pet owners’ lives, automatic products also keep their best friends stimulated. Favorite gifts include automatic food and water bowls, automatic cat laser toys and dog ball launchers, automatic grooming brushes, and even self-cleaning litter boxes.

Sound soothers: These produce music that is scientifically proven to calm pets’ anxiety during stressful times so they can continue to thrive.

Other animals

We can’t forget about our other animals, both big and small. There are creative perches for birds, themed decor for fish tanks, bandanas for guinea pigs and rabbits, and delicious treats for horses. These are just some gift ideas for inspiration, but there are countless options for animals of all kinds.

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