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Hill's releases new sustainable fish and innovative insect protein products


To support pets with stomach and skin sensitivities while promoting a healthier future

Hill's Pet Nutrition has announced its Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin line is now available with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified Alaskan Pollock and insect protein. According to a company release,1 these new formulas include high-quality, traceable, wild-caught Alaskan Pollock from a MSC certified fishery and innovative insect protein (for the dog recipe).

Photo courtesy of Hill's Pet Nutrition.

Photo courtesy of Hill's Pet Nutrition.

"Our new Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin line extension delivers the same science-led, tailored nutrition and key benefits as the original Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin products but now features more sustainable seafood," said Karen Shenoy, DVM, US chief veterinary officer for Hill's Pet Nutrition, in the release. "We are proud to offer pet parents a new and more sustainable way to feed their pets, leveraging our focus on using science to truly transform lives."1

Annually, 43% of cats and 56% of dogs suffer from digestive issues, while skin issues impact 31% of cats and 42% of dogs.2 Additionally, about 3 out of 4 (71%) dog or cat owners feel it is important to use environmentally friendly pet products and services.3 Hill’s new products address these issues by including1:

  • Highly digestible recipe that's gentle on the stomach
  • Vitamin E & Omega-6 fatty acids for skin & coat nourishment
  • Clinically proven antioxidants, Vitamin C+E, for a healthy immune system
  • Great taste with a savory fish flavor pets will enjoy

The Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock provides a high-quality, lean protein for a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. By using MSC-certified pollock, Hill's Pet Nutrition offers a traceable ingredient (traceable seafood is defined by MSC as seafood for which "origin and the way it was caught can be verified") from a sustainable fishery with a 1% bycatch rate that meets requirements across 3 principles4:

  • Only fishing healthy stocks
  • Being well-managed so stocks can be fished long-term
  • Minimizing their impact on other species and the wider ecosystem

Meanwhile, the innovative insect protein, used in the dog recipe only, is raised in North America and provides a source of fiber and beneficial nutrients.1

"We selected these proteins with purpose because they promote optimal digestive and skin health for pets, while also keeping sustainability top of mind," added Shenoy.1 "This innovative approach to ingredients is part of our guiding philosophy, which includes delivering science-led nutrition, bringing people and pets together, and helping the planet for the next generation."

"Hill's Pet Nutrition is uniquely positioned to unlock the trifecta of healthy, tasty, and sustainable thanks in part to the innovative approach we take at our Global Pet Nutrition Center," said Stephen French, PhD, a principal scientist and lead product developer at Hill's Pet Nutrition, in the release. "We did extensive work to optimize the taste and enjoyment pets will have eating our new Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin. Our pet partners tried many different recipes to help us identify the optimal combination of ingredients that pair well with these exciting new protein sources to deliver great tasting foods."1


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