Hey, vet industry! Quit millennial-shaming

August 29, 2016

Entitled, coddled, special snowflakes? Um, no. Millennials Dr. Kat and manager Matt bust myths about the new-school me generation.

Think about your hang-ups with millennials for a sec. Are they lazy, entitled and selfish, with a manic need for handholding and headpats just for doing their jobs? Or do you see them as needy, whiny flakes who rudely no-show for things like veterinary appointments, with little regard for the effects of their actions?

Think again.

Judging-even shaming-younger generations is nothing new, certainly not in popular media coverage. After all, many of us are anxious about the future. And that anxiety often rears its head in ugly ways.

But millennials make up 75 million people in the U.S. Know what that means? Generalizations about their collective character and assumptions about their behavior start to unravel when you look at such a diverse, divergent group.

dvm360 content manager Adrienne Wagner (GASP! A millennial herself) interviews millennial veterinary professionals Dr. Kat Hodes and practice manager Matt Gutscher to get their take on all the drama and their tips to relate to people of all generations.