Hey, boss, here's why you should send me to see Shawn McVey


$1 of travel expense equals $6 in revenue.

For every $1 U.S. companies spend to send employees to trade shows and conventions, they get back $4 to $6 in revenue over time. These are the numbers from a new study titled “The Return on Investment of U.S. Business Travel” from the U.S. Travel Association. More than half of executives also reported in the study that their employees benefit from regular business travel by improved professional development, job performance, and morale.

So now is not the time for businesses to stop education and travel, according to the study authors. Lucky for you, Firstline Live offers an inspirational, practical day-long seminar for every member of the veterinary team on April 9 at CVC in Baltimore.

The dynamic Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, will teach attendees how their healthcare teams can work together and how they can improve themselves and their practices. He'll cover how to fix poor communication, create shared goals, , and build tools to excel at client and patient care-everything your practice's team needs to clear out the cobwebs and get a fresh start. Click here to learn more.

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