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Idexx Laboratories announces the release of its xChek Software Version 3.10 with an extensive e-mail capability and many other new features.

Idexx Laboratories, Inc. Production Animal Services Division announcesthe release of its xChek Software Version 3.10 with an extensive e-mailcapability and many other new features. First developed in 1984, Idexx ProductionsAnimal Services' Software assists with the interpretation and managementof flock and herd animal health data, the company says.

This new releaserepresents the knowledge gained from 17 years of experience working withdata management software. The xChek Version 3.10's e-mail feature is quickand easy to use, allowing for rapid data transfers within the veterinaryfield, including the ability to send xChek reports and databases with supportof all MAPI compliant e-mail client applications, the company says.

Thisenhanced release includes several new reports and reporting features, enablingusers to more efficiently track, review and ammend data. xChek is compatiblewith all current commercially available Windows® operating systems.

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