Henry Schein launches new client communication tool during WVC


Rapport features online appointment scheduling, automated reminders, website building.

Henry Schein Animal Health has launched Rapport, a cloud-based client communication system that currently integrates with AVImark and will roll out to ImproMed, Infinity and Triple Crown veterinary software programs later this year. Rapport contains multiple communication tools designed to increase practice efficiency, improve pet healthcare, enhance a veterinary practice's image and boost the flow of clients into the practice, Henry Schein reps told dvm360 during last week's Western Veterinary Conference.

Rapport features three primary components:

> Online appointment scheduling. This feature lets pet owners book an appointment on their veterinarian's website and receive an automated email or text confirmation. It then updates the appointment calendar within the practice management software and allows veterinarians to view and modify the calendar via mobile device.

Online appointment scheduling is customizable according to veterinarians' preferences, Rapport representatives say. A practice can start with one day a week-or even one afternoon-open for client-driven online appointment scheduling. Once doctors gain familiarity and confidence with the system, they can open more appointment blocks for online scheduling. The system clusters appointments for efficiency and according to any prioritization rules stipulated by the veterinarian or practice team.

> Client reminders. With this feature, veterinary practices can communicate with their clients via email, text message, mobile app, automated voice call or direct mail, tailored to their clients' preferences. These personalized client notices result in increased patient visits and fewer missed appointments, Henry Schein says. Since client interactions and responses automatically update the practice's software, Rapport can free up staff members to focus on other tasks.

> Veterinary practice websites. Rapport-driven practice websites offer several features designed to increase client engagement. Patient portals give pet owners online access to their pet's health information. Professional client education materials on a variety of illnesses and conditions help position veterinarians as the preferred source of pet health information. And search engine optimization and reputation management tools maximize exposure on the Internet.

“Rapport leverages technology in new ways to make it easier for pet owners and veterinarians to connect, positioning veterinarians as a more valuable and trusted source of pet health information and care,” says Steve Klis, Henry Schein's president of global practice solutions.

For more informaiton, visit get.hsrapport.com or call (855) 980-9099.

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