Helping clients pay in difficult times (part 9)


Analysis of veterinary market data shows that pet owners need payment options

But even if practitioners get behind insurance wholeheartedly, the job isn't done. To make their recommendations more effective, practice owners may need to do a better job training their teams to educate clients about the benefits.

According to the survey results, 81 percent of staff members say education about insurance isn't part of their training, and, as you see here, 56 percent say they're not prepared to educate clients. Given that this group forms the front line of communication and education, with many more contact points with pet owners than the doctor, this lack of training seems like a real barrier to effective client education about pet insurance options.


More in this package:

How cat owners see their pets

What cat owners spend

How dog owners see their pets

What dog owners spend

The options practices provide

Practitioners recommending pet insurance

Veterinarians who would like wider use of insurance

Team training on pet insurance

Team members' care for their own pets


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