Handout: Veterinary wellness care saves money


Here are 14 free or relatively inexpensive paths to a happier, healthier pet, courtesy of a long-time veterinarian who knows what he's talking about. Print it for your own clients.

It often seems that veterinarians and the profession in general are being accused of only pursuing the almighty dollar. I'm not sure when people started thinking that a veterinarian took a vow of poverty, but even ignoring that, the reality of running a medical practice/small business involves costs-costs for electricity, rent, equipment, maintenance, payroll, etc. Yet some veterinary clients routinely balk at what are actually modest prices, especially compared with the same skill set and expertise as human medical practice.

What a lot of pet owners fail to understand is that veterinary staff across the spectrum attempt to keep costs down for them. One of the phrases I commonly use is, “My job, as odd as it may sound, is to keep you away from having to use our services.” With that in mind, I will now share with you-for your clients and mine-a list of tried-and-true ways that (mostly) cost $0 to not spend money at a local veterinary practice as well as paths to spend less keeping a pet healthier over a lifetime.

Click here or on the handout images below to download a PDF you can share with your veterinary clients.

A graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Dean Scott has enjoyed 35 years in the veterinary profession, including five years with the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. He now practices small animal medicine at Animal Clinic of Brandon in Brandon, Florida.

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