Handout: Pet exercise in winter

February 2, 2018

In nice weather, you and your pet may enjoy walks, runs or other exercise outside. Here's a client handout to share to help clients keep pet exercising and at a healthy weight when winter is here.

It's spring, summer, the temperate moments of fall, the cool but tolerable time of winter: Your pet owner's cat's at home on the catio (yes, that's a thing) playing with the kids, the dog's out with the veterinary client on a run-families are moving, exercising and enjoying life. Then the world goes cold in real winter, and our bodies (and the bodies of our pets) want to hibernate. Ernie Ward, DVM, wants to help you talk clients into keeping the action up.

Share the client handout below in cold months.

Click on me for cold-weather veterinary client knowledge and inspiration to get the blood flowing in winter.