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We went straight to the experts for tips and advice on some of the most common pet behavior problems you see in veterinary practice.

  Managing storm phobias with difficult patients—and clients

Q: What’s the best way to manage a greyhound with a serious storm phobia? Paroxetine and alprazolam haven’t calmed the dog enough for behavior modification, and the owner is a bit of a challenge.   Stop urine marking in the house

Q: A 7-year-old neutered male Bichon cross has always marked the same corner of the wall in the house since he was young. The owners are now moving to a new home. How can they prevent this behavior in the new home?   Inappropriate urination: Why only at the neighbors’?

Q: One of my clients has a 6-year-old spayed female pug. When the client visits other people’s houses, the dog lifts its leg to urinate in the house. Do you have any tips or suggestions for retraining?   Taming litter box aggression

Q: A client has a cat that began attacking another cat in the house while she was in the litter box. How can I help this cat owner resolve this intercat aggression problem?   Help clients keep their dogs from begging

Q: Many clients tell me that their dogs beg for food all the time when on a weight loss program. How can I help my clients prevent this behavior?   What to do about a biting bird

Q: A client told me that when he holds his pet bird in his hand and it bites, he corrects the bird by flinging it to the floor. What should I tell this client about this method of correction?

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