Google reviews: Are they good for veterinary practices?

January 29, 2019
Bill Schroeder

The parallel between reviews and your online ranking explained.

If you're trying to navigate the ins and outs of digital marketing and social media, look no further than Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bill Schroeder. He and his team are analyzing every aspect of all things electronic.

One thing they've discovered of late is the relationship between Google review scores and the particular verbiage used on websites. For example, if a clinic's website is using language such as "best" or "greatest" and they don't have the reviews to back up those claims, those websites won't be served up as quickly by Google.

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So, if you think you're the best and you want to say so and show up in searches, Schroeder has some advice: "I would strongly suggest you look at increasing the quantity and the quality of Google reviews."

Watch the video to learn what scores to shoot for.

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