Goodbye forever ... and see you next month!


Do you like green eggs and ham? No. Well, what about medicine and business?

Illustration by Alison Fulton, with sincere homage to Dr. Seuss.It was 1960 when some practitioners said, 

"Hey, it's time to start sharing the ideas in our heads.

“No more bottling up, no more squirreling away.

“We can't hoard our ideas-it's time for a change!"

Their worry was simple: No one had prepared

these smart vets for business-it seemed no one cared.

So they'd care, care a lot, care enough for a nation.

They'd ask questions, give tips and end DVMs' frustrations.

They banged on their typewriters a little each day,

on keeping the best employees-the best way,

on pricing so prices wouldn't anger pet owners,

on hospital design for free-standing or loaners.

Now a new magazine looms, just one month from today.

Vetted's delicious, hilarious-and it's free, no need to pay!

It mixes the medicine you science geeks crave

with business savvy you need so you're not a wage slave.

And if it's just business you want, craving management smarts,

why, just visit dvm360, for starts!

Our Business Channel online is your best bet forever

for solving problems before your tie to happiness is severed.

My promise to you, and I make it sincerely,

is Veterinary Economics isn't gone, not even just merely.

It's moving to a new magazine, helping in a new way,

and forever online just a mouse click away.

So, this is goodbye and good luck and I'll miss you ...

but also see you soon-so excited I could kiss you!

- Brendan Howard

Editor, Veterinary Economics

Business Channel Director for CVC, and Vetted

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