Getting pumped for rehab with weekly team meetings

October 18, 2018
Andrea Mocabee

When these veterinary employees got burned out on daily protocols, regular doses of education and affirmation built up their commitment muscles.

von Lieres/stock.adobe.comThe employees at my veterinary rehabilitation facility were becoming burned out on the monotony of day-to-day rehab protocols. So I decided to set up weekly staff meetings where, in addition to business matters, we focused on a specific “muscle of the week.” We discussed not only what the muscle did, but also exercises we could do with patients to engage that muscle.

We also assigned one person every month to research a topic pertinent to rehab. We've had presentations on low-level laser, degenerative joint disease, degenerative myelopathy and the special-needs products we carry-what they're used for and how they can benefit our patients. We've compiled this information into a binder that we use as a reference for current employees and to train new team members.

At the end of our weekly meetings we also take the time to discuss something positive that's happened that week or offer kudos to an employee who's gone above and beyond. And to close every meeting we tell each other how great of a job we're doing.

Once we got through a few meetings, the employees took over and were excited to talk about different topics. I still oversee the process but I let my team own it and make it theirs. I've noticed they all walk away smiling. It makes me feel like I'm doing my job right when I'm able literally to see the positivity and motivation on their faces.

Andrea Mocabee is practice manager for Scout's House, a pet rehabilitation facility in Menlo Park, California, and an entrant in the VHMA/dvm360 Practice Manager of the Year contest.