Gen Z, your new veterinary client: A dvm360 Spotlight Series


In this Spotlight series, we take a deeper look into your new veterinary clients: Gen Z. Find out why millennials are no longer your main concern, what veterinary professionals should expect to face with Gen Z customers and how to market your practice to this up-and-coming generation.

They're not millennials. They never lived without the internet. They scoff at physical mail and answering the phone. They're also going to make up 40% of all consumers by 2020. While their spending habits and expectations about client service may seem familiar to you, there's still much to learn when it comes to Gen Z pet owners. In this Spotlight Series, you'll not only get the ins and outs of Generation Z consumers, but also how they function in today's economy and how you and your veterinary practice can better market yourselves toward these new clients. 

Think you understand millennials? Brace yourself for Gen Z

They're the same (but they're different), and they're getting ready to invade your veterinary hospital. Get to know them as employees and clients.

Erase the vase: Let's talk Gen Z

Here's what you need to know about marketing to your newest generation of veterinary clients, and how you can change your online presence today.

What Gen Z veterinarians will face

The latest generation will have some things in common with millennials (who lived through a recession). Here are the major issues they're likely to face based on today's economy.

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