Galaxy Vets invites veterinary community to participate in annual burnout survey


Study to investigate how work environment, euthanasia, and compensation impact burnout

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Galaxy Vets has launched its third annual burnout survey, inviting veterinary professionals to participate.1 According to Galaxy Vets, the survey intends to “track the burnout rate among veterinary professionals and find insights on the major factors driving professional fulfilment or contributing to work exhaustion and interpersonal disengagement.”

Galaxy Vets says the questionnaire is based on the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Index, which measures professional fulfillment and burnout. The organization also seeks to learn more about the relationship between burnout and the work environment, compensation, and euthanasia with an additional set of questions.

“I hope that our research will help veterinary practices better understand their employees and build healthier work environments by reducing factors that contribute to burnout,” said Ivan Zak, DVM, MBA, and Galaxy Vets CEO. “This year, we want to analyze the relationship between work culture, compensation, and burnout. We will also take a closer look at how euthanasia procedures impact the mental well-being of veterinary teams, especially when it is performed for economic or convenience reasons. Our hypothesis is that being forced to put pets down due to clients having insufficient funds is one of the most devastating emotional experiences that veterinarians and their teams undergo routinely. It is an understudied and underdiscussed issue that is traumatic both for pet owners and healthcare teams, urging the industry to create more solutions that improve access to care.”

The results of the 2021 Galaxy Vets burnout study revealed a 9.4% increase in the burnout rate in all groups compared to the previous year. It separately explored the correlation between burnout and work-life balance. One of the key findings was that veterinary professionals who had goals reported significantly less burnout and feel happier and more valued than those who did not.2

The survey, titled The Emotional Toll of Financial Stress, Work Environment, and Euthanasia will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous, according to Galaxy Vets. Veterinary professionals can access the survey here.


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