Gadget of the Week: The Chairless Chair


Veterinary practice personnel don’t get much of a chance to take a load off during the day, but imagine if you could sit down whenever and wherever you wanted. Introducing the chairless chair.

Two Swiss startups are looking to redefine the sitting experience. Noonee, which bills itself as the world’s first supplier of wearable ergonomic mechatronic devices, and design consultancy Sapetti have put their minds together to come up with what looks like a space-age exoskeleton but acts as a chair.

Currently being tested in preparation for mainstream release, the chairless chair attaches to the user’s legs through several straps that lock into position at the press of a button. The device, made in part from polyamide, is flexible, supportive, adaptable to different body sizes and shoe types, and allows for quickly switching from sitting to standing to walking.

“The idea came from wanting to sit anywhere and everywhere, and from working in a UK packaging factory when I was 17,” says Keith Gunura, CEO and co-founder of noonee. “Standing for hours on end causes a lot of distress to lower limbs, but most workers get very few breaks and chairs are rarely provided, because they take up too much space. So I thought that the best idea was to strap an unobtrusive chair directly to myself.”

Now, instead of standing for extended periods of time, factory workers and others who must stand for extended periods (commuters, warehouse workers) will have the option to sit without the pesky need for a chair.

Creators of the chairless chair believe that their device will reduce worker fatigue and work-related accidents while simultaneously improving work productivity. Think it could work on your practice?

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