Franck's Pharmacy resumes veterinary compounding practice


Franck's Pharmacy resumed its veterinary compounding practice after a federal judge refused to order a temporary ban.

Ocala, Fla.

-- Franck's Compounding Lab resumed its veterinary compounding practice Tuesday after a federal judge refused to order a temporary ban.

The action follows a four-month voluntary suspension of the practice after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated legal action against the Ocala, Fla. lab earlier this year. U.S. District Judge Timothy J. Corrigan declined to grant a preliminary injunction against lab operations, according to news reports.

The judge also refused to dismiss the complaint altogether. The FDA seeks to permanently prevent Franck's from compounding animal drugs from bulk ingredients without first seeking a new animal drug application.

In a prepared statement, Franck's owner Paul Franck stressed the importance of the company’s operations while explaining the decision to resume operations.

"We are resuming this practice so that we can help veterinarians and pet owners who rely on compounded medicines to stay healthy and treat life-threatening conditions," Franck says. "We have been compounding human and veterinary medications for more than 27 years, and we are as committed as ever to meeting the special needs of doctors, veterinarians and their patients."

Last year, Franck's Pharmacy was thrust into the media spotlight after a compounding medication error contributed to the unexpected deaths of 21 polo ponies at last year's United States Open Polo Championship. The medication error resulted in high doses of selenium concentrations, which was administered to competing horses.

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