Flunixin transdermal solution has an expanded indication


The pour-on NSAID for cattle is now FDA-approved for control of fever with mastitis


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An expanded indication for flunixin transdermal solution (Banamine Transdermal; Merck Animal Health [MAH]) has been approved by the FDA. The new indication is for the control of fever with acute mastitis and a short milk withhold of 48 hours, according to MAH.

“This new indication means [flunixin transdermal solution] can be given with confidence to lactating cows,” said Scott Nordstrom, DVM, director of livestock innovation and discovery for MAH, in an organizational release. “With simple, pour-on administration along the animal’s back, [this product] saves time and labor costs while getting cows back into the milking string fast.”

In a multisite field study, 95% of dairy cows with acute mastitis had a reduction in fever of 2° F or more 6 hours after treatment with flunixin transdermal solution. That compared to 35% of untreated controls.

“Studies also show that a single dose of [flunixin transdermal solution] is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes2 and has a long duration of activity at the site of inflammation3,” said Nordstrom. “This gives cattle the best opportunity to recover quickly and return to productivity.”

Introduced in 2018, flunixin transdermal solution is the only FDA-approved product for pain control in a food-producing animal, and the only nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory (NSAID) cattle product available as a pour-on. It is a prescription product labeled for control of fever associated with bovine respiratory disease and acute mastitis, and for control of pain associated with foot rot.

“Caregivers can see visible results from relieving pain and fever symptoms in animals,” said Nordstrom.

According to MAH, flunixin transdermal solution is easy to administer, and it eliminates the treatment process associated with intravenous administration, which is the administration route of previous NSAIDs. Workers can easily administer the therapy without extensive training. The precalibrated packaging and red-colored solution help ensure the correct dose is given every time. The unique bottle design also makes it easy to apply topically on dry skin in a narrow strip down the animal’s midline from the withers to the tail head.


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