Flea prevention, on a theme

March 22, 2018

Use your holiday decorations to promote parasite prevention in your veterinary practice.

Petworks Veterinary Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas, features a St. Patrick's Day theme, where pet owners can guess the number of coins in the pot at the end of the rainbow to win a free dose of flea and tick prevention. | Photo courtesy Portia StewartFrom Easter to Hanukkah and May Day to Halloween, holidays are everywhere. And your team can use your holiday spirit to spread goodwill-and educate clients. For example, during the month of October, instead of decorating with generic Halloween decorations, consider making homemade decorations of scary fleas, ticks, skin mites, roundworms and so on. Alongside these decorations post additional facts about these scary monsters. To pique interest on social media, take photos of employees with the spooky decorations of each parasite. Then post these pics once a week to grab clients' attention, with educational captions that cover topics such as flea FAQs.

Don't know where to start? Check out these APBs: all poo bulletins-and these free posters to highlight Giardia, whipworms and hookworms in your practice today.

Rebecca Green

Union Veterinary Clinic

Front desk staff and social media manager

Washington, D.C.