Flea education packet: Top five client handouts


Help fleas flee with these popular handouts.


The most popular tools for flea and tick prevention in one convenient packet. Equip your clients with the knowledge they need to prevent fleas and ticks from infesting their pets (and subsequently their home) with dvm360's top five flea and tick handouts.  

Client handout: Flea life cycle

Scratch that itch for a clear explanation of the flea cycle for your veterinary practice's clients with this printable PDF.

Click here to access the pdf. 


Client handout: How to make flea infestations a fleeting memory

Have this handout ready for dispensing if one of your veterinary clients comes in infested with fleas.


Click here to access the pdf. 


Client handout: Don't use your dog's flea and tick medication on your cat!

Sharing isn't always caring-especially when it can harm your patients that purr. Educate your veterinary clients on the dangers permethrin poses with this free handout.

Click here to access the pdf.


Client handout: Where fleas really live

Hint: Most of the time, it's not on the pet. Educate veterinary clients about the role the environment plays in their flea infestation.

Click here to access the pdf.



Handout: Why flea preventives are just worth it

Convincing clients to invest in flea preventives BEFORE they spy a flea can be a touchy subject. Prevent the conversation from becoming too prickly with this handout.

Click here to access the pdf.

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