Firstline readers share why they love the magazine


Team members sing the praises of Firstline's practical tools and useful information.

Firstline readers are talking about the practical tools, inspiring stories, and useful information featured in the magazine. Here's a sample of what they're saying:

I do love all the articles in Firstline. I usually read it from cover to cover in one sitting and save for reference.

I am very happy with this magazine. You cover everything I am interested in and answer pertinent questions. It seems when I am looking for some answers, they will be in the next issue.

I have been very happy with the topics that Firstline covers. Keep it up! I like reading about team conflict and solutions. The articles about burn out and other inter-office problems really attract my interest because it helps me to see that I'm (our practice) not the only one going through these struggles. Even if the suggestions offered don't apply or will never be applied where I work, it still makes me feel better knowing that the grass isn't greener on the other side.

I like the articles you have provided about how to deal with the practice owner and how to communicate ideas so that they really listen instead of "blowing you off."

I love the coverage regarding team morale and helpful tips to make the practice run more smoothly.

I just always look forward to the new issues and wonder what you will have found to share with us.

I really enjoy the topics about dealing with people (angry clients and so forth) and the stressors that are commonly encountered at the clinic. I want to be able to deal with things in the most professional manner possible and I feel these articles have really helped.              

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