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First Aid Care Dog Kits will soon be available in Targets nationwide

Press Release

Pet parents will be able to purchase these kits from Target stores this fall

Image courtesy of MySimplePetLab

Image courtesy of MySimplePetLab

Earlier this summer, MySimplePetLab launched pet care products on Target.com and now the kits will be available in Target stores across the country. The products purchased in person at Target will include free virtual veterinary advice for pet parents.

"We are really excited to be growing with Target as we build the pet wellness category," expressed Jen Hagness, CEO and president of MySimplePetLab, in an organizational release.1 "Our unique First Aid Care Dog Kit + Free Virtual Vet Advice will really allow pet parents to support their pet when they need it most at the first sign of wounds, cuts, or minor injury."

According to the release,1 the veterinarian approved First Aid Care Dog Kits are designed to help address cuts, minor, injuries, and would give pet parents whether they are on the road or in their own homes. The kits combine multiple products and a Care Guide to help pet parents understand how to use each product in easy-to-understand language.

Each kit is designed to help support pet parents until they can get their pet in with a veterinarian and comes with free virtual veterinary advice. The advice will guide pet parents through first aid care and triage as well as the opportunity to register and AutoShare the content of the kit with their veterinarian.

"It has been an exciting journey to develop high-quality, vet-approved products that benefit both veterinarians and pet parents. I am thrilled to empower and educate pet parents with products that address their most common pet concerns, such as diarrhea, sore ears, itchy skin, and minor cuts and injuries," said Dennis Chmiel, DVM, MBA.1

A study conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital found that 75 million pets living in the United States may not have access to the veterinary care they need by 20230, with a crucial factor cited as the critical shortage of veterinarians.2 Because of the possible impending shortage of care, these kits from MySimplePetLab are hoping to elevate some of the pressure that veterinary professionals face.


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