Finders, keepers. Losers, learners.


Have clients laughing-and learning-in the waiting room with this creative educational technique.

Four golf balls, a cassette tape, hair bands, and underwear—dogs eat the strangest things. While you might not be surprised by these inedible stomach contents, clients are usually taken aback. This is one reason the Veterinary Clinics of Berlin-Ripon in Berlin-Ripon, Wisc., displayed these recovered items—cleaned off, of course—in the waiting room. "We used them as an educational tool," says Dr. Alicia Guarino-Hrebik, former associate at the clinic. "It served as an entertaining warning to people." Clients were often heard laughing or gasping at the found objects. Dr. Guarino-Hrebik, who now works for the Animal Medical Clinic in Rockford, Ill., plans to recreate the display at her new clinic.

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Angela Elia, BS, LVT, CVT, VTS (ECC)
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