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Filling pet prescription needs: New online veterinary pharmacy opens for the US


A collaboration between the American Kennel Club and Allivet brings forth the opening of AKCRx

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / stock.adobe.com

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / stock.adobe.com

The American Kennel Club (AKC), a non-profit organization that holds the world’s largest purebred dog registry, has partnered with pet pharmacy, Allivet, to create a new online pet pharmacy: AKCRx. This new online pharmacy can fill prescription medications requested by the pet’s veterinarian and over-the-counter options.

According to a company release, AKCRx’s prescription and over-the-counter selections are approved by the FDA and EPA for pets including dogs, cats, horses, livestock, and birds.1 Orders placed on AKCRx.com are processed and filled by Allivet. Allivet has been a fully licensed pharmacy since 1990 and is legally authorized to dispense prescription pet medications in all 50 states of the United States.1 For medications ordered through AKCRx that need a prescription, once added to the cart, the checkout process will ask for information about the pet and veterinarian and therefore, AKCRx will have it on file and may contact the veterinarian on the owner’s behalf.2

Pet owners can also mail the prescription information to:

AKC Pet Rx - Rx

14540 NW 60th Avenue

Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Prescriptions coming directly from the veterinary clinic to AKCRx can be sent via fax. As stated on the AKCRx website, typical process times for Rx medication approvals take 24-48 hours and will be scheduled for shipment shortly after.2

“The health and wellness of our pets and responsible pet ownership go hand-in-hand,” said Dennis B. Sprung, president and CEO of the AKC, in the release. “We are thrilled about our new relationship with Allivet, a leader in the pet pharmacy industry. AKCRx provides pet owners easy and cost-effective access to the medications their pets need. We are happy to be able to provide this service to our community of dog owners and breed enthusiasts across the country for many years to come.”1

The online pharmacy also offers “Autoship” in which pet owners can sign up to receive automatic recurring deliveries for their pet’s medications that need continuous refills. Autoship can be set up on a set schedule at the owner’s preference and will receive a 5% discount by selecting this delivery option versus a one-time purchase.2

“We are so pleased with the opportunity to work with AKC and look forward to working together to create a long, successful relationship,” said Ujjwal Dhoot, CEO of Allivet. “Our decades of experience as a leading pet pharmacy and our innovative platform will allow the AKC to offer their community of responsible dog breeders and owners access to affordable pet medications with the convenience of an effortless subscription offering. Expanding our reach into communities already devoted to providing their pets with quality care aligns with and helps advance our mission of improving long-term pet health outcomes.”1

This company partnership is also offering a discount for new members registering for the AKC in which registrants will receive an AKCRx.com promotional code to claim a one-month supply of Simparica Trio, valued at up to $32.1 More information on the terms and conditions of this promotion can be found on the AKCRx website.2


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