Fidelis Pharmaceuticals, Inc revamps name to Fidelis Animal Health, Inc


According to the Fidelis Animal Health, the new name better reflects the company’s focus

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Fidelis Pharmaceuticals, Inc has updated its name to Fidelis Animal Health, Inc, aligning more closely with its mission of creating innovative veterinary solutions.

"At this time, we are in an excellent position to realize the immense potential of our extended-release technology to address key areas of unmet need in veterinary medicine. Making this corporate focus clearer to our customers was the impetus driving the name change," said Michael Wells, chairman and CEO, in a company release.1

"Our ultimate vision is to branch out into additional areas of animal welfare beyond our portfolio of therapeutic solutions, so having 'Animal Health' as part of our name just makes good business sense,” he added.

The company's debut product offering, Ethiqa XR, is an innovative formulation of buprenorphine indicated for controling post-procedural mice and rat pain. The product uses Fidelis Animal Health's patented extended-release technology to offer up to 72 hours of clinical analgesia with 1 injection.1 According to the release, Ethiqa XR has been used in laboratories at over 200 institutions nationwide since the company’s inception in 2020.


Fidelis Pharmaceuticals announces name change to reflect corporate focus. Fidelis Animal Health, Inc. April 6, 2022. Accessed April 7, 2022.

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