Feline Grimace Scale best practices for evaluating pain

Atlantic City

Liz Bales, VMD, shares her advice on using the Feline Grimace Scale

During a dvm360® interview at ACVC, Liz Bales, VMD, explains how to use the Feline Grimace Scale to evaluate a cat's pain level and how it can be useful for overall pain management. Plus, she discusses the app, Tably, and how it can be helpful in monitoring a cat's wellbeing.

The following is a partial transcript of the video.

Liz Bales, VMD: I call [the Feline Grimace Scale] the Rosetta Stone for interpreting how a cat is feeling. Specifically, it was invented and founded to understand feline pain. It turns out that very subtle changes in a cat's facial expressions can tell us whether or not they're in pain. It includes the position of the ears, the opening of the eyes, the expression on the mouth, how the cat is holding its whiskers, and how they're holding their head.

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