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Feed your content-hungry social media accounts with this engagement-rich campaign

August 8, 2017
Eric Garcia

Give your veterinary clients an outlet to talk about how much they love their fur babies, and they just might talk about how much they love you someday.

Keep it social

Dragging your paws when it comes to setting up an Instagram account? Listen to why Eric Garcia says you need to hop to it!

Still trying to figure out where to start? Take one minute to read up on social media must-haves for every clinic.

How's engagement on your social media outlets? (Oh, no-do you hear crickets?)

Social media wiz and CVC educator Eric Garcia has an idea to foster engagement: Ask followers what their pets mean to them.

“This campaign is a fantastic way to engage your clients,” he says. “When I first asked practices to share this campaign on social media, the results were amazing.”

So what happened? People shared stories about their own pets, pets they know and pets they'd loved and lost-and those that shared losses were comforted by other pet owners. In other words, community happened.

"These are the conversations we don't often get to have with pet owners in the exam room anymore," Garcia says.

Foster these community-building conversations outside the clinic by using your practice's content-hungry Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. According to Garcia, doing so will set your team apart from the competition and will help clients bond with your practice.

Watch the video to hear more from Garcia on the how and why of giving your clients something to talk about: