Fear Free for the whole team

March 6, 2019

Take a look around the entire veterinary practice to see all the places you could be incorporating Fear Free techniques.

So you've begun taking steps to reduce pets' fear and anxiety when they visit your veterinary clinic. These articles will help you take a wholesome look at your practice and get your entire team involved in creating a Fear Free environment. 

Fear Free: An urgent obligation (not to mention, unprecedented opportunity)

You've probably heard of Dr. Marty Becker. And if you've heard of Dr. Marty Becker, chances are you've heard of his dream of every veterinary practice transforming into a Fear Free practice. Here's how you can get started on turning your practice Fear Free.


Receptionists: The front line for Fear Free

As the first person who sees patients in the veterinary clinic, here's how you can make a difference.



4 Fear Free tips for every veterinary hospital

A few quick tricks for you to set up good vibes for your patients (and their owners) in a hurry.



Want to usher in Fear Free veterinary practice? Change yourself first

Just one team member (ahem-you!) can spark a full-on conversion in the clinic. Dr. Marty Becker's here to help you start.



4 food-free Fear Free veterinary tips

Use these quick low-stress tips for pets who aren't food motivated.



How veterinary technicians can become Fear Free champions

1. Stop staring so much at cats, dogs. (Seriously.) 2. Step up. Those patients need your advocacy!



One key to Fear Free: Practice managers

Dr. Jonathan Bloom says the practice manager is one of the most important roles in making a lower-stress veterinary visit plan work. Here's why.



Fear Free veterinary visits can be quick-if you know these tips

Dr. Julie Reck shares 10 ways to make these appointments as efficient as possible.